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3 reasons to choose the Success School Foreign Languages Centre 


Our language learning programs were designed to take into account new modern schemes and technologies which meets the requirement of the CEFR (The Common European Framework) and have been successfully applied in terms of academic process. We are constantly in search of fresh ideas, new modern methods, academic tools with regards to teaching and consulting.


Our team  –  consists of highly qualified teachers and tutors having a considerable experience and expertise of work in a wide range of academic facilities.


We take full responsibility for the quality of all provided services and  will always meet our clients’ needs.







Sometimes those who wish to enroll onto a course to learn a foreign language cannot engage with the group or be part of one because of their busy work schedule and frequent business trips. For example, a listener wants  to learn English in the shortest possible time or for example to learn German in a closed group,i.e. only he/she and his/her partner (spouse, friend…).

In this case, you can choose independently an individual training program, which will meet your needs. For example, if a listener plans to learn how to communicate freely in then he needs to have more oral practice English or Polish, to speak fluent English or Polish language. If the listener wants to prepare for the international exams or state final examination (DPA) in the form of external independent testing (EIT), then lessons would be given more time to complete grammar exercises, assignments to develop writing skills and understanding of the speech comprehension. It all depends on the goals of the student. The principle of work at the  Success School Centre is that we have an individual approach to each client and we also give advice and assist them in achieving their goals.Tutors at the Success School foreign languages centre will do everything necessary for you to receive the highest score in training!

To make an appointment with a tutor, please call the Success School Ccentre. 



With the advancement of new IT technology, distance learning programs via Skype became possible. Sitting at home or at your workplace, devote an hour of your time to do something useful like learning a foreign language. We offer the services of experienced professionals and an individual approach to each client. Call and write to us. We are waiting for you!

To make an appointment with a tutor,  please call the Success School Centre.


  According to many reputable teachers and methodologists, studying any foreign languages is certainly much better in a group.A gradual and steady growth in knowledge and skills has been indicated due to regular attendance of listeners. After all, in the classroom you can hear not only yourself but also other people, who can participate or be involved in communication tasks, a well-planned discussion, a role-play exercise, a dialogue, and lastly learn to negotiate or improvise. Group classes are much more filled with information, and emotions. However, most importantly, it is the team spirit that keeps all participants in the educational process in a constant mode of hard work and will not allow anyone to “drop out” of the overall system, stimulates tightened weak to stronger students. While being engaged in the group, it is much easier to get talking and develop the listening comprehension of foreign speech based on your own understanding. Within the group, learning occurs much more creative and interesting, because each student contributes a portion of his/her individuality in the overall process. For example, in order to enroll in a group  to learn English or German, we provide a free consultation, testing and determination of the level of knowledge for the listener.

To sign up for an interview, please call the Success School Centre.


Corporate learning of foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish Turkish, Russian). 

Dear Fellow Employees ! We are glad to see you among our clients!

This is an individual or group training with our teachers who will use some exceptional educational methods and strategies. Our teacher will come to your office, will test your knowledge, make the necessary recommendations and select the required textbooks for the study of your chosen foreign language.

Corporate training involves mastering the main activities:

Ability to communicate in relation to business matters, to negotiate, to conduct interviews and write statements;

Listening comprehension texts (texts in the perception of hearing), negotiate and carry out the necessary exercises;

Read articles, texts, annotations for addition into vocabulary; 

Written punctuation and style (mastering the skills of business correspondence and correspondence).

Foreign languages courses at Success School are ready  for effective cooperation with the companies, whose purpose is to become successful in learning foreign languages.