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Conversation club continues its work with Richard who is presented as a native speaker from the USA, specialises in various branches of linguistics and philology. He presents a series of training sessions with our clients to help them progress and expand their essential development in terms of excellent English speaking, communication, and presentation skills. Monthly Fee – from 560 UAH.
We Are Waiting For you!

After the Christmas, public holidays, and vacations, it is time to start learning foreign languages! We invite everyone: adults, youth and children to our training courses at “Success School” in Brovary. We assemble a variety of groups to study English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Polish. A wide range of programs are available: standard general course, intensive and conversational; Difficulty levels – from basic to advanced. We prepare are clients for the international exams, external independent testing (EIT) and also a successful job interview preparation including our excellent advice and tips with regards to many types of interview that employers conduct. We are waiting for you!

Learning through play! Develop harmoniously and to the delight of parents. Preparing for school: develop memory, attention, thinking through the study of the English language. Discover your child’s unique abilities and do not miss the precious time to develop them. After all, children have the ability to emulate and imitate good memory and curiosity. We invite preschool children of 3 – 6 years of age.

Want to find a reputable English course in Brovary? Then come to Success School! You can be guaranteed that you will learn English language in the most efficient way. Our teachers will do everything possible and impossible to teach you how to think and speak in English as quickly as possible. We are recruiting several groups who will be learning English language gradually from beginner to advanced level and beyond. Spoken English, learning grammar and vocabulary of the modern communicative method are also featured at your service. For those who maintain a proficient level of English, we can also offer much more advanced courses of English such as, FCE, IELTS, TOFEL! Our team also provides a native speaker!

Приглашаем женщин по пятницам для совмесного веселого и творческого досуга!

В нашем клубе Вас ждет общение с опытным психологом, арт-терапевтом. В программе: арт-терапевтические творческие занятия, которые помогут нашим милым женщинам решить многие свои внутренние конфликты и наладить здоровые отношения с окружающими. Заседание клуба проходит по пятницам с 18.30 до 20.00. Стоимость абонемента за 4 встречи – 650 грн.

Конфиденциально, надежно.

Do you wish to receive an excellent score in External Independent Testing? Then do not hesitate to contact us and sign up to our foreign language courses at School of Success where you will be engaged with our highly-qualified teachers and tutors. Open enrollment for group and individual classes with our own tutors who will carry out a full preparation for external independent testing (EIT) and state final examination (DPA) with students 9-11 grades in English language course will begin on September, the 3rd.

В Школе Успеха работают квалифицированные преподаватели по математике. Мы предлагаем услуги репетиторов по программе Росток для школьников, начиная с первого по 7 классы. Также берем учеников от восьмого до одиннадцатого класса. Можно заниматься по школьной или по углубленной программе.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to practice with a native speaker from the United Kingdom. Our English teacher will be glad to present a series of training session in terms of strategies for developing speaking and social skills. Tuition fee – 560 hryvnas a month. Sign up for training courses via phone.
We wish you success!

Do you want to speak English fluently? You are welcome at our Nice Talk speaking club. The lively and warm atmosphere will help relieve anxiety and overcome language barrier.
Come to our club to discuss interesting topics and achieve deeper understanding of English. Get more information about the schedule and fees of the club via telephones of the Centre.